Get Back To Business with LifeGuard Thermo Safety Products

As the World reopens and we resume our daily lives, it is vitally important that we create solutions that keep us safe!

Public Safety. Reinvented.

LifeGuard ThermoTechnologies is an integrator of Thermo-Temperature Sensor Solutions economically combining comprehensive thermographic software solutions with the innovative, cost effective mechanical kiosk systems enabling businesses to protect their most valued assets–their employees and customers. Our system is very economical having been designed with cost and functionality at the heart of the concept.


Our Software System, which runs on a Microsoft Surface Tablet shown below, can be used from the most basic application – checking temperatures for those entering an office/building to the most comprehensive of group thermographic analysis.

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Ensuring Safety for your facilities as per global standards

Facial Recognition to ensure Mask Protection

Speed of Operation makes it suitable for deployment

Capable of Social Tracing using QR Code Scanning

The Arch

An Intelligent Temperature Measurement and Disinfection Booth

THE ARCH: To meet the new challenges COVID-19 and other viruses present in public spaces, LifeGuard Technologies, as part of a joint venture with Fab Technologies has developed an innovative passive gate-keeping solution called THE ARCH that can sense temperature from anyone who passes through its sensors that will trigger an auditory (or silent) alarm to alert security of a person who is above a specific temperature and prevent them from entering your establishment.

Designed for medical and HR applications and ideal for businesses, schools and universities, restaurants, retailers, and anywhere else you want to be proactive about avoiding the spread of viruses. The software interface (display) features a picture of the subject’s face, with a simple interface that lights up GREEN or RED based on the temperature that is sensed and how it relates to an acceptable, preset, human temperature. The initial offerings are housed within the LifeGuard’s enclosures with an LED display, all in portrait-orientation with the sensor device above the display.

Safe, Efficient, Functional, Mobile and Flexible Large Flow Disinfection Temperature Measurement Equipment

LifeGuard introduces “PROTECT PASSTHROUGH” an Intelligent Booth with Temperature Measurement and Disinfection.
Corona Safety Arch

The Stand

An Intelligent Temperature Measurement and Disinfection Booth

The STAND: in collaboration with 22MILES has developed its latest innovation-  TempDefend™ thermo-sensing technology leverages a combination of camera technology, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms to aid in the prevention of viral spread. TempDefend is the ideal plug-and-play solution that allows businesses and employers to rebuild consumer/ employee confidence and safety as stay-at-home orders and restrictions ease around the world. The solution enables the user to identify individuals with a fever efficiently and effectively thereby preventing the chances of cross infection.

Pandemic is not over, people need to resume work

Once people resume for work, schools, malls and gather at public places, we need a reliable, effective and flexible large flow disinfection and temperature measurement system.

Here’s how offices could use tech to get workers back in the building safely