The Arch

In these times of Corona Pandemic Recovery, The Arch ensures safety and security by guarding all your entry points at your School, Office, Hospital or Industrial Facilities.

Combining Technology with Simplicity and Cost Savings!

Corona Safety Arch

The Arch
Temperature & hand sanitizer with GO-NO/GO Door:

  • The Arch is placed at all entrances to passively ensure all employees/guests do not have abnormal temperature and have properly sanitized their hands before entering.  
  • Equally important, our system keeps employees out of harms way by eliminating the need of manual temperature testing- in the image below, the “Tester” is subject to close contact with every person entering;
  • If somebody registers an abnormal temperature, our “Go-No/Go” doors will lock, denying them entrance to your facilities. A side door will then open, leading the individual away from the rest of the crowd. 
  • The Arch utilizes facial recognition technology which will provide a detailed analysis as to who entered your facility on a given day, and what their temperature was. I am happy to expand on the technology offering through a product demonstration. 


Smart Temperature Measurement Arch is intelligent and convenient human body temperature measurement and face recognition-integrated equipment, that integrates infrared face recognition. It can safely and accurately check and indicate abnormal temperature of the human body with an alarm and red light indicator. The equipment adopts ergonomic intelligent operation, which can effectively assist in sorting potentially ill people and prevent the
spread of large-scale epidemics.

The unit is easily assembled and can be tailored for hospitals, schools, communities, factories, supermarkets, shopping malls, stations, airports, banks, hotels, exhibitions and other densely populated places.

  • A non-contact design and Automatic control
  • High accuracy of infrared and temperature measurement of human body Face Capture, Recognition & Temp recording
  • High temperature alarm and light indication
  • No Mask detection and Alarm
  • Automatic data upload and multiple data statistics output
  • Longer Service life and Better Appearance texture
  • Face recognition system to make statistic attendance and register visitors
  • Data storage and back up
  • Contactless sanitizer dispenser
  • Support Staff recognition data output, including body temperature data
  • Adopt deep learning algorithm, support 30,000 face database, 200ms speed recognition, to achieve the rapid movement of personnel

Automatically record abnormal temperature information of the human body and automatically count relevant People Without wearing Masks Can Be Accurately Detected – Required features can be enabled or disabled



Below are the Specifications for the ThermoLifeGuard Basic Thermographic Unit.




118 X 145 X 220 cm


Ac 220V

Use Sound


Use Environment

-20 to 60 °C



Hand disinfection

Automatic Induction spray




Temperature measuring distance

0.5-1.0 m 0.75 m

Face recognition distance

0.5-2.2 m

Temperature Accuracy

±0.3C (High Quality German manufactured sensor)

Face Identification accuracy


Screen Display

7 inch IPS HD 1024* 600,300 CD /m2

Face recognition Speed


Material of Construction

Aerospace Standard Aluminum Material (Better Corrosion Resistant and Heat radiation)

Visual Camera

2 million Pixel cameras


IP66 Rates

Operating system


Hardware interface

RS485, RS232, RJ45, Relay Out output

Fill light lamp

infrared fill light, white light

Fill light Rated voltage

dc 12V input

Panel size


Built In Stand size